Apple Banned From Miss Molly’s Planet

As I wrote just four days ago, on my planet we go for Clean Energy which includes:

“Clean Energy means corporations pay their fair share of taxes.”

Look, I don’t care if the tax code is “Byzantine” (and what the hell does that mean anyway, when it comes to the tax code except that it gives companies an excuse when they don’t want to pay their fair share).

I don’t care if what Apple did is “within the letter of the law.” As Charles Dickens once wrote, “The law is an ass.” In this case, I say he was absolutely right.

I don’t care if the shareholders love what Apple’s doing, and I don’t believe for a minute that all the shareholders approve of the tactics anyway.

I care that a major corporation that’s making billions by pushing their products on every man, woman, and child in America and beyond, decides it can blow off its responsibility and live high instead of being a good citizen of its own homeland.

I care that bean counters and lawyers and corporate execs think their country’s future is a game and really don’t give a damn about contributing to the health of that future.

I care that a company that’s done plenty to undermine the infrastructure of America by promoting everything on-line (we don’t need no stinking postal service to pay our bills or send letters to our friends)is copping out on helping to pay for what infrastructure remains.

I care that our country is infected by an attitude of disregard and disrespect and greed, and that our children and grandchildren need to be vaccinated against this infection.

I care that although the people at Apple have become technological whiz kids, they have remained social neanderthals.

I care that the rest of the corporadoes jumping to Apple’s defense are pulling the same shenanigans on the American people and laughing at the rest of America all the way to the bank.

I care that I can’t stop feeling a deep ache about what’s happening to the country I have loved all my life.

That said, I have now revoked Apple’s passport to Miss Molly’s planet, have strapped a Buck Rogers jet pack onto the leadership team and am sending them off to parts unknown. And don’t bother to leave that Apple computer you brought with you either.

Ciao, babies!


6 responses

  1. Oh, Molly, I love your righteous indignation. Let it land on the heads of all those SOB’s!


  2. I have a horoscope from the paper that reads: “You are the sworn enemy of stuffed shirts.” I’ve held onto it for years, because it’s absolutely true.
    Thanks, pal…

  3. Amen, amen Molly. Very passionately,well said. Apple thinks “out of sight (manufacturing outside America) out of mind (no one in America will collect taxes from them).

    1. Somebody’s gotta say it – might as well be us!

  4. I’m afraid it’s the typical malaise that seems to be creeping through the greater Western world…greed & disregard by those that think they are their own island. Maybe it’s always been there.

    Why aren’t the bean-counters forced to take into account the total picture, rather than the upfront gains alone? How much money do each of us actually need?

    The problem is that now, they can do far more damage in each swipe.

    Anyway…cheers, ic

    1. Ian…thanks for adding your two cents. If we all do that, it will add up to something.

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